Ranking Scheme (beta version)

This ranking system applies a publication counting based criterion, and assumes that every scholar or institution contributes equally in each publication. Different publication venues are assigned to different weights to make the importance of each publication be accounted.

In detail, the selected leading journals and conferences and their weights are as follows:

  • TSE, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (3.0)
  • TOSEM, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (3.0)
  • JSS, Journal of Systems and Software (1.8)
  • IST, Information and Software Technology (1.8)
  • ESEM, Empirical Software Engineering (1.8)
  • STVR, Software Testing, Verification and Reliability (1.8)

  • ICSE, International Conference on Software Engineering (2.5)
  • FSE, International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, (2.5)
  • ASE, International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (1.5)
  • ISSTA, International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (1.5)
  • ISSRE, International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (1.5)
  • ICSM, International Conference on Software Maintenance (1.5)

The final weighted score of each scholar or institution is calculated as follows, where #A indicates the number of named papers published in venue A:

Score = (#TSE + #TOSEM) * 3.0 + (#JSS + #IST + #ESEM + #STVR) * 1.8 + (#ICSE + #FSE) * 2.5 + (#ISSTA + #ASE + #ISSRE + #ICSM) * 1.5 + #Other * 0.8

Note that this ranking system remains in a beta version and under development.

Top 30 Authors

1D. Richard Kuhn1000020000126361.5
2Yu Lei3000030010115159.7
3Myra B. Cohen5010104314411059.1
4Raghu N. Kacker0000030000125654.7
5Kamal Z. Zamli0012000000003936.6
6Charles J. Colbourn0002022010102333.6
7Renée C. Bryce1002021010011426.9
8Changhai Nie1102000000002025.6
9Jose Torres-Jimenez0000000000103025.5
10Rachel Tzoref-Brill000000411100922.7
11Dimitris E. Simos0000000000102622.3
12Cemal Yilmaz4000000001001021.5
13Adam Porter300000120200120.3
14Bestoun S. Ahmed0012000000001719
15Jian Zhang0020002001001118.9
16Mark Harman201000210000116.1
17Hareton Leung210100000000615.6
18Angelo Gargantini0000010000001715.4
19Itai Segall000000200100913.7
20Andrea Calvagna0000010000001413
21Xiao Qu000000100112512.5
22Sreedevi Sampath100101000002312
23Ziyuan Wang0000000000001512
24Siddhartha R. Dalal100000100020411.7
25Huayao Wu100200000000611.4
26Justyna Petke100000110000411.2
27Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya0000000000001411.2
28Sergiy Vilkomir0000000000001411.2
29Yves Le Traon100000100000711.1
30Benoit Baudry000110000110510.6

Top 30 Institutions

1National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)1000030000126564.9
2University of Texas at Arlington3000030010115462.1
3University of Nebraska-Lincoln5010104314411059.1
4Universiti Malaysia Pahang0012000000004944.6
5Nanjing University3102000000003442.8
6Arizona State University0002022010103039.2
7Universiti Sains Malaysia0013000000003232.8
8IBM Research - Haifa0000005111001630.8
9University of Maryland, College Park500000121200329.4
11University of North Texas1002021010011426.9
12Sabanci University4000000102001025.5
13Chinese Academy of Sciences0020003011001425.3
14George Mason University0000141010011022.5
15SBA Research0000000000102622.3
16University College London201000210000620.1
17Bell Labs0000003001001218.6
18Hong Kong Polytechnic University211100000000718.2
19University of Luxembourg201000100000715.9
20University of Bergamo0000010000001715.4
21Simula Research Laboratory1001000000101014.3
22University of Catania0000010000001413
23Osaka University0000000000001612.8
24National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)0000000010101212.6
25Swinburne University of Technology001200000000912.6
26ABB Corporate Research000000100112512.5
27Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systemes Aleatoires000110000110712.2
28University of Maryland, Baltimore County100101000002312
29Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications0000000000001512
30Xerox Corporation100000100020411.7