Studies on identifying parameters, values, and the interrelations of parameters of software under test. It is the fundamental activity of combinatorial testing.


Studies on generating as small test suites as possible. It is the most popular field in combinatorial testing. The many proposed techniques consist of mathematical methods, greedy methods, and search based methods.


Studies on improving the test suite by prioritization, minimization and selection techniques.

Fault Diagnosis

Studies on locating the concrete failure causing interactions.


Studies on measuring the effectiveness of CT and comparing CT with other testing methods.


Studies on applying, improving, and popularizing CT and its procedures in real world.


Studies that do not belong to any of the above categories.


Search Based   The problem is formulated to an optimization problem, and heuristic search based algorithms are used to find solutions.

Constraint   The invalid combinations are identified, and constraint solving techniques are applied.

Priority   The order of test suite is important.

Reduction   The size of test suite is reduced without impacting some given metrics.

Sequence CA   The covering array to test the sequences of events.

Adaptive CT   The initial testing results are used to feedback and guide next testing procedures.

Software Product Line   The CT method is applied to test software product lines (SPL).

Tool   Testing tools for CT.

Survey   Survey works.