Concept of CitHub

The CitHub project is launched in 2019 with the goal to improve the ability of using and studying the popular Combinatorial Interaction Testing (CIT) technique. Our intention here is not to design a “perfect” testing tool that meets all testers’ requirements (which is unrealistic due to the rapidly changing and conflicting real-world test environments), but to establish a software ecosystem of testing tools where any people can participate and benefit.

CitHub also combines the power of service-oriented architecture and crowdsourcing technologies. Specifically, each service is realised as a network accessible microservices. This provides an easy and uniform way to use testing tools (no need to download, install and configure), and also enables agile, dynamic, and flexible customisation and creation of testing tools. The crowdsourcing model further aggregate distributed knowledge, to effectively handle problems encountered during the developments of testing tools and applications of CIT.

The key promise of CitHub is that it creates an open and innovative environment. This represents the exploitation of collective intelligence, and also a paradigm shift in developing and using testing tools. We hope and believe that CitHub could be a useful platform for any individual who wishes to use or study CIT, and also be a practice that others can extend and explore in different domains of software development.